“Sayonara, Jerkwads!”

Our 30th Season at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival will be our Last

photo by John Solberg

The 2018 season will mark the 30th year Vilification Tennis has been performed at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and after long and careful consideration, it will be our last. While our show will continue to be performed at the Bryant Lake Bowl, CONvergence and other venues, we will be moving on from the Festival.
The reasons are many but most importantly, all things must end. Almost half of our cast does not work at the Festival and as we lose performers, we can’t maintain the high standards that we hold for ourselves.  Rather than waiting until our show starts to dip in quality, we’d rather quit while we are still at the top of our game.
We will be at the Festival for one more year and we are excited to provide our audience with the same show they have come to love over the years. Come out and help us say goodbye!

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