Eric C

Year Joined: 1997
Team History: 1997-1998: The Captain and Enoch, 1999: Floater, 2000-2001: The Golden Apple Corps, 2002-2003: Floater, 2004-2005: The Aristocrats, 2006: Floater, 2007: Wille & the Beaver
Favorite Insult: “It was 2000, the year of the censor who will remain nameless. Dan and I worked for weeks on the timing of “the bleep joke.” When we did it perfect and fast it was golden. Dan would yell the words, pausing whenever I would bleep him. Then, on the last line, we would switch:
Dan: ‘I was going to call the two of you (Bleep!)-necked, (Bleep!)-faced, (Bleep!)-footed, (Bleep!)-licking, (Bleep!) sucking sons o’ (Bleep!)-es; and your mother is a big (Bleep)-ing fat (Bleep) from (Bleeeeeeeep)!!’
Eric: ‘But the new (Bleep)-ing censorship rules would not allow it.’”
Favorite Moment: “Last Day, 2001 or 2002, the entertainment director told us earlier in the year not to use the words “sex” or “penis” and not to hump people on stage. On the last day, Jason looked at Mark and said, “Hey, Last night I had sex… with your mom…with my penis.” At that point Mark yelled, “Here I come!”, jumped over the net, and started humping the crap out of Jason. The entertainment director just sat on the bench next to Tim laughing her ass off.’”

Eric’s life in show business began when his older brother pulled down his pants, shoved him out the front door and said, “Hey everybody, check it out!” He found his calling on the “Island of Misfit Toys” about a decade or so ago and has never looked back. He does not play in a band. He is not a great cook. He smokes too much and has a rash on his right cheek (his face, pervert!). If poked in his sleep, he will make a sound like a dying panda. His favorite color is tuesday.