Year Joined: 2004
Team History: 2004-2005: Rocks and Shoals, 2006: Floater
Favorite Insult: “Your girlfriend is so ugly, when she walks by a bathroom the toilet flushes.”
Favorite Moment: “‘Winning’ the final vil match against Pogh Ma Thoin.”

Jim is from Arkansas. He is an identical twin, His twin is Garry – Angus Blair on street at Fest. He is a former Marine, and is now a cop – but not while at Fest. His wife is Becca, manager and “Ma” at the Irish Cottage. He has a five year old son named Breandan and identical twin step sons, named Corwyn and Connor; they are peasants in training at Fest. Jim is a singer and a drummer, both at Fest and in the off season. He is also an artist with work on Meghan Brunner’s Faire-Folk Novels website. He and his family live in Navarre.