Year Joined: 1998
Team History: 1998-2007: Pogh Ma Thoin
Favorite Insult: “Your pecker is alot like mermaid snot; mythical, therefore impossible to blow.”
Favorite Moment: “This is a split decision. The favorite match I’ve ever had was final Vil in 2000. I was partnered with Butch and was facing George and Mark. As to a favorite moment, It would either be facing five Vilifiers by myself and winning, or dressing up in Queen Margaret’s actual gown for final Vil 2006 with Chrysto dressed in the king’s costume, and Puddle in a royal guard tabbard.”

BJ Palashewski (bi:dzei smi:th) 1. sing. n. gynotikolobomassophile // Practitioner of auralingus 2. abbr. Individual commonly found osculating the callipygian of attr. S.W.F.s 3. adj. insulting, intended to be offensive, to be unexpectedly unpleasant. 4. Evil Ewok

Auralingus (ôr’el-ing-guhs) n. the act or practice of orally stimulating the female organ [of hearing]. [Origin: 1591-97; NL, L: he who licks the ear, equiv. to aural- [From Latin auris, ear; Of, relating to, or perceived by the ear + -lingus (deriv. of lingere to lick); see leigh- in Rendo-European roots.]