Year Joined: 2008
Team History: Free Agent
Favorite Insult: “Going down on your girlfriend has a lot in common with our Soldiers in Iraq. The only thing on anybodies’ mind at this point is “Discharge!”…and “For the love of God, am I going to make it out of this alive?!”
Favorite Moment: “I really enjoyed the Electile Dysfunction show at the BLB. Making Joe the Plummer (Salsa) and Sarah Palin (Tracy) my personal bitches is an experience not soon forgotten. But, I’ve had better. I’m sure they haven’t.”

Toni is incredibly paranoid about giving information about herself out on the internet. She would like her profile to be posted under the Alias “Jane” and to say she lives in Nepal with her 14 grandchildren. When she grows up she wants to be a farmer. Her favorite color is gray, and she has a pet lobster named Bisque.