10/26 & 10/27: Bryant-Lake Bowl @ 10:00pm

The House on Haunted Vil image

“The House on Haunted Vil: A Vilification Tennis Ghost Story” This month, Vilification Tennis will be performing two spoooooooky shows to celebrate the season. Nothing is scarier than your mom, but we’ll try to come up with a few things that come close. BEWARE!!!!! Date: October 26th,  2018 (Friday) Date: October 27th, …

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11/23: Bryant-Lake Bowl @ 10:00pm

Thar She Blows! Vilification Tennis Does Pirates (It’s Rated Arrrrrr!) Shiver me timbers! Your mom should prepare to be boarded as Vilification Tennis sails the seven seas to bring you a show filled with drinking, whoring, and syphilis! All ye swabs should sail on over to enjoy some rum and…

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