Vilification Tennis presents F**k 2019 Last year was a dumpster fire that made all of us think “hey – it couldn’t get worse!” Boy were we wrong! We will kick this piece of crap year to the curb the only way we know how, by making fun of the whole…

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01/24/2020: BRYANT-LAKE BOWL

Heavy Petting: Vilification Tennis Gets Put Down We all love our pets, right? Vilification Tennis loves our pets just as much as you do. Maybe more. Join us for the kind of show PETA would protest just because they don’t have anything better to do! Leave your pets at home….

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Our New Website

Welcome to the new Vilification Tennis website. We have made finding information about our upcoming comedy shows the top priority, as well as providing background information on our comedy show and performers. We hope you check back often as we schedule new events and comedy shows throughout the year. Thanks…

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Vilification Tennis Goes to Hell 11/08/19 at Bryant Lake Bowl


Vilification Tennis has always been proud of what we’ve done. We are gluttons for audience approval as we unleash our wrath upon one another. Your friends will envy you if they are too slothful to attend our November show. You can greedily horde all the best jokes for yourself! Also…

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