“Prometheus” Could Have Featured More Pus

Director Ridley Scott has returned to his Science Fiction roots with Prometheus.  The film is not a direct pre-quel to his masterpiece Alien but it operates in the same universe.  When watching the film, I found myself conflicted because in spite of warnings that this is not an Alien film, there were certain things I expected from that universe and not all of them were there.

Yes, the universe is still a dangerous one and Scott is still a master of creating a sense of creeping dread that at times makes it impossible to look at the screen because you know something awful is about to go down.  Yet something is missing….

I think it’s the pus.

When you think about that famous chest burster scene from the original Alien, what do you think about?  Oh sure, the surprised reactions of the crew.  What else?

The scene is fucking gross, that’s what you think.  Blood and pus sprays all over everything, covering the majority of the crew.  It’s nasty.  I almost threw up when I saw it the first time.

Now I know that modern films like Hostel and Saw have really upped the pus factor in filmmaking and that’s the problem.  Scott has not kept up with the times.

Is there pus in Prometheus?  Hell yes.  Quite a bit of it, in fact.  It just isn’t nearly as much as modern movie audiences need.

One chest burster is hardly enough any more.  We need five or six.  Preferably all at once so every character on the screen is screaming, dying and spraying pus and blood all over each other.  Ideally, one of them will be gouging their eyes out in pain.

Scott, on the other hand, seems less interested in grossing out his audience and more focused on telling an interesting story.  That may do for the old fogies who go to see films on Thursday afternoons but the key moviegoing demographic to whom he should be pandering (me) stopped being interested in the story a long time ago.  I want me some gore porn, Ridley!

Honestly, I think that Scott pulled something of a bait and switch by casting Noomi Rapace in the lead.  Rapace was the title character in the original Swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and that film is loaded with pus.  Yes, I watch foreigh films.  If there’s enough pus in them.  You don’t need to subtitle pus.

For people who like a complicated story, they will probably enjoy Prometheus.  For people like me, who are more interested in being grossed out, this movie is a serious disappointment.