Two Vilification Tennis Feasts at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

We promise this will not be at the feast!

Note: Read through to the end of this article to find out how you can win two free tickets to the August 25th Feature Feast.

Vilification Tennis will be the special guests at two special “R” rated feature feasts this year.  The feasts will begin at 4:45 on Saturday, August 25th and Saturday, September 1st.


Here’s the description from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival website:

Reserve a seat for what will surely be the bawdiest and rowdiest feast in recent history. Highlights include insult lessons, insulting songs and poems guaranteed to make you gasp with laughter. The finale, a full on Vilification Tennis like you’ve never heard, or seen before. Rated “R”. Not for the easily offended. No children under 17 will be admitted.

Here’s the MRF web page on the Feast of Fantasy with the menu and information on how to reserve tickets!

Tickets for feature feasts are $100 but we know what you’re asking – you want to know how you can get tickets for free, don’t you?

Simple!  After our show on Saturday the 18th, Tim will be standing in the middle of the bear stage passing the hat.  The first person to put a printed piece of paper (or business card) with their name, address and phone number into Tim’s hat will get two free tickets to the Feast.

Caveats:  AFTER THE SHOW!  Not during!  After!  And don’t be pissed off if you’re second.  That’s the way these things go.

Memebers of the Vilification Tennis cast and their families are NOT eligible.  Sorry!