About Us

Vilification Tennis is a structured improvisational show where competitors engage in a battle of insults. The show is never the same because the competitors keep changing and the material is constantly evolving. We feel that there is humor inherent even in the most taboo subjects and we are, therefore, willing to make fun of things that most people would think aren’t the least bit funny.

Like your mom.

We have been performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for over 20 years and have pissed off more people than George W. Bush. We perform regularly at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis where we are free to explore other formats that allow us to stretch the limits of good taste in ways that a “family friendly” show like the Renaissance Festival would never allow.

And the girls who appear in our show are totally hot. You will want to have sex with all of them. At once. They’re really into that sort of thing.

Besides, they’re tired of all the guys in our show and their tiny dicks.

Our show is not for the easily offended. If there is a particular type of humor you feel is over the line, you can be assured we will likely go there. More than once. If you tell us it pisses you off, we’ll do it more often because we are assholes that way.

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