Digital Trading Card


A virtual trading card of the performer of your choice

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Tip us at least $5.00 and get a virtual trading card of the performer of your choice! You can print them out and hang them on your wall or just store them on your hard drive until it crashes. Won’t matter to us because we will have spent the money a long time ago.

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Amanda Nerud, Anna LaVigne, Becci Schmidt, Bob Alberti, Breanna Cecile, Chrys Vanderkamp, Dave Rand-McKay, Duck Washington, Eric Knight, Eric Thompson, Gregory Parks, Heather Jeanne Rand-McKay, James Fairbairn, Jeff Neppl, Jessabelle Olmstead, Kelvin Hatle, Kirsten Wade-Thorson, Laurie Sweep, Mike Hanson, Molly Glover, Nate Gerber, Nick Glover, Spencer Faust, Stephanie Hammon, Tim Wick


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