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Live Stream – Back to the F.U.-ture: the Vilification Tennis 80s Show


Live Stream Back to the F.U.ture – April 22nd, 21:30

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This month, Vilification Tennis is taking you back to the 80s! We’re going to lampoon and lambaste all your favorite 80s things: Rubik’s Cube, Jazzercise, crimped hair, Run DMC, neon leggings, Miami Vice, Michael J. Fox, roller rinks, Mary Lou Retton, cocaine, leg warmers, and more!
We’re going to do the Safety Dance! We’re going to Rock With You! We’re going to… What’s that? You say these are all things your parents were into? But the 80s were only like 20 years ago… <checks notes> Oh. Oh, dear.
No proof of vaccination or masks required for streaming.