06/12/2020: INTERRUPTUS!!

Vilification Tennis Interruptus

Once again, Vilification Tennis breaks into our living rooms for a short form version of our show! Join us for a 30 minute performance that might include some comedy! All proceeds from the show will be donated to Reclaim the Block (https://www.reclaimtheblock.org/home) and Northside Minneapolis Rebuilding (shorturl.at/aowyz). We are matching…

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05/22/2020: NOW ONLINE!!

Vilification Tennis goes online AGAIN and this time, we are doing a show all about Musicals! We might do signing even though we don’t know how to do accompaniment yet! It’s gonna be fun! You can watch from your computer on FB live, YouTube or Twitch.www.facebook.com/vilificationtenniswww.vilificationtennis.com/livestreamTwitch.tv/vilificationtennisYouTube.com/vilificationtennis Date: Friday May 22,…

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02/28/2020: BRYANT-LAKE BOWL

Vil’s KitchenIt is time once again for Vilification Tennis’ annual amateur show! Come watch as a group of young performers takes the stage in hopes of becoming the next Vilifier in our cast! Their dreams will be dashed as they are eliminated one by one until only the best is…

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