11/27/20: Vilification Tennis Works From Home

Vilification Tennis Works From Home

It’s 2020 and we are all working from home! Vilification Tennis has decided we aren’t bothering to go out ever again so we will once again present a show from the comfort of our home offices. You can join us. You’ll probably need to report the whole thing to HR….

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07/24/2020: ONLINE SHOW!

Dong of Ice & Fire

Our annual geek show returns and where better to hold a geek show than on a computer. Come journey with us to the fires of Mordor or, as we like to call it, “your mom’s vagina!” We’ll be streaming on YouTube, Facebook Live, and maybe even at the Restaurant at…

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06/12/2020: INTERRUPTUS!!

Vilification Tennis Interruptus

Once again, Vilification Tennis breaks into our living rooms for a short form version of our show! Join us for a 30 minute performance that might include some comedy! All proceeds from the show will be donated to Reclaim the Block (https://www.reclaimtheblock.org/home) and Northside Minneapolis Rebuilding (shorturl.at/aowyz). We are matching…

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04/24/2020: NOW ONLINE!!

Vilification Tennis Causes Autism! You may not be aware that giving your children Vilification Tennis can cause Autism. Vilification Tennis also faked the moon landing, killed John Kennedy, and can be diluted in water to just under one part per million and cure cancer! Join us online for a show…

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04/03/2020 – LIVESTREAM

Livestream from this websiteYouTube StreamFaceBook Live Stream If you want to pay us some money to defray the costs of bringing you this, arguably, genius content, click this thing:

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